"Play is the highest form of quality Play is our favourite way of learning It is a happy talent to know how to play."


The Creative Brain


High quality social and cultural experiences are more critical in the early years for the development of healthy brains and well-rounded personalities than at any other time during the rest of childhood and adulthood. These critical experiences include imaginative, creative and cultural opportunities which can help children to build contexts, make meaning and deepen their understanding. By encouraging creativity and imagination, we are promoting children’s ability to explore and comprehend their world and increasing their opportunities to make new connections and reach new understandings.


EYTCDL-SPR-310119 31st Jan 2019    9.30am         -12.30pm Inspirational Learning & Training Hub, corner of Heath Road/Smarts Road, Bedworth, CV12 0BN Ben Kingston-Hughes £45

Please note Lunch is not provided.

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31st January 2019