"Play is the highest form of quality Play is our favourite way of learning It is a happy talent to know how to play."


Sand & Water Play


Few young children can resist playing with sand and water. Sand and water play are two staple sensory

activities that should be found in every early years environment due to the huge myriad of learning

opportunities they offer. This session aims to and consider how with a little careful planning and the

involvement of adults sand and water play can provide opportunities for children to

  • Explore and investigate materials and their properties
  • Have different sensory experiences
  • Develop creativity and imagination
  • Have different sensory experiences
  • Encourage scientific exploration
  • Increase vocabulary and stimulate discussion
  • Develop mathematical language and concepts
  • Reinforce learning across the curriculum
  • Develop hand eye coordination



EYTC-A18-151118 15th November 2018 4.30pm-6.30pm  

Inspirational Learning & Training Hub, corner Heath Road/Smarts Road, Bedworth. CV12 0BN


Joanne Vallis £40