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Paediatric First Aid, Level 3 Award


2 days (12 hours) 3 year nationally recognised certificate. This course meets and exceeds the requirements laid down by Ofsted and Early Years Foundation Stage (2017) for people needing a 2 day 12 contact hour first aid course for Adult, infant and child, this group includes childminders and child care providers.

Costs – £75 per person



Paediatric First Aid, Level 3 Award – £75.00



18th & 19th October 2018

9.00am-3.30pm SOLD OUT The Ark, Brooke School, Overslade Lane, Rugby CV22 6DY

8th & 9th November 2018

9.00am-3.30pm £75.00 CHESS Centre, Cedar Road, Camp Hill, Nuneaton CV10 9DN

17th & 24th November 2018

9.00am-3.30pm £75.00 Inspirational Learning & Training Hub, Corner Heath Rd/Smarts Rd, Bedworth CV12 0BN

3rd & 7th December 2018

9.00am-3.30pm £75.00 St. Michael’s Church Centre, Church Lane, Budbrooke, Warwick CV35 8QL



  1. Helen Axon

    Very interesting course, lots of time to ask questions, very relaxed and fab instructor, thank you. ~ Natalie Arnold

    Best first aid course I have had and would highly recommend. ~ Maria Payne

    Great First Aid course, easy to listen to and learn from. Interesting to hear other candidate’s stories and experiences. ~ Sophie Shaw

    Best delivery and the most informative first aid course I have been on, would recommend for the future. ~ Lisa Everitt

    Excellent course, very informative and realistic scenarios were used to support the learning. ~ Kirsty Landy

    Absolutely brilliant course, Marnie was a lovely teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed the training.

    Really enjoyed the course, soaked in more knowledge than I have done on any other course before.

    Excellent training, thank you. ~ Gemma Peake

    Very informative and enjoyable. Interactive with two-way dialogue, the trainer was extremely knowledgeable. ~ Rachel Pooler

    I feel I have learnt so much, I now feel well informed as Marnie has lots of experience and knowledge which helped massively when we asked questions. ~ Terri Ladd Haynes

    Amazing tutor, so helpful and understanding, always keen to help you, thank you. ~ Charlotte Randle

    Fab course. From being a complete novice at first aid I feel I have come away with lots of knowledge and should the need arise administer first aid treatment confidently. Michelle Read

  2. Helen Axon

    Very well presented, very informative, we learned so many new things and I really enjoyed the learning experience. – Shaun Creamer

    Extremely informative. It was great that we were taught about why you do certain first aid treatments rather than focusing on too many rules that we could easily forget in a crisis. I feel much more prepared to use my new skills and common sense in an emergency situation and instinctively react and deliver effective first aid. – Jackie Creamer

    The course was really good and very well presented. Good to practice different skills. The abdominal thrust equipment and light up manikin was excellent. – Ruth & Robert Kinderman.

    Very enjoyable course, I would highly recommend, every subject was easy to understand.

    The tutor was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and always offered time to ask questions. – Kelly Bowley

    The course was delivered well and the tutor was very knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming, I liked the fact we can contact for further information and replenishing first aid kits. – Leanne Green

    Marnie was very knowledgeable and made the course interesting throughout, I have learned a lot. – Jodie Stevenson

    Great fun course with lots of new skills, taught in an easy to understand way and helped to feel calm and comfortable throughout, loved it.

    Marnie was a great tutor with lots of experience, the course was enjoyable and very interesting, thank you.

    Fab couple of days learning, I feel my confidence has increased to enable me to act effectively in any medical emergencies that may arise in my setting.

  3. Helen Axon

    Feedback from 18th & 19th October Sessions:

    “Fantastic delivery, very friendly and professional.”

    “Marnie was lovely, very informative and helpful with all questions asked throughout. Thank you for all the help and guidance.”

    “Excellent course, very informative and well delivered, thank you.”

    “Marnie was lovely, very helpful and very thorough with information provided.”

    “Extremely informative and I learned a lot.”

    “I really enjoyed this paediatric first aid course, it was so helpful I have leart so much, Marnie taught in a very relaxed and calm way.”

    “Excellent in depth course, well delivered in a learner friendly style. Thank you for being so proactive when asked about legislation.”

    “Very informative and interesting. Great instructor with good knowledge, very enjoyable, thank you.”

    Feedback from 7th & 8th November Sessions:

    “Brilliant tutor who made it fun whilst giving us clear information, thank you.”

    “I felt very comfortable in this course and learnt a lot. Marnie was great at delivering the information and made it interesting.”

    “Excellent thorough course, I have learnt so much, thanks you.”

    “Marnie was very engaging, exceptionally good at her job.”

    “Excellent trainer, clear and interesting.”

    “I feel a lot more confident about dealing with some situations and felt it was explained to us very clearly and thoroughly.”

    “Really good practical course, I felt I have learnt a lot and have gained confidence.”

  4. Admin

    Feedback from 3rd & 10th February Sessions:

    “A very good and informative course, one of the best first aid courses I have been to.”

    “Excellent course and presented really well. Would definitely use MDD First Aid again.”

    “Really informative, I have been on many first aid courses and none of them have been as enjoyable. No pressure and open to any questions and didn’t make you feel silly, will recommend to my employer.”

    “Appreciated the different ways to remember the techniques to use in different emergency situations.”

    “Found the content more thorough and in depth, so I now have a greater understanding of all aspects of first aid.”

    “Absolutely lovely lady who made the course very enjoyable.”

    “The training was amazing and I would fully recommend it. The tutor’s knowledge was really good and she gave examples and answers to all questions in full detail. She kept it fun as well as filling in content and gaps.”

    “I really enjoyed the training, I didn’t feel pressured into having a go which made me want to join in more.”

    “Excellent course, tutor was very approachable and easy to talk and listen to.”

    “Lots of information given but in a way that made it easy to understand and remember and not too overwhelming.”

    “Really informative, the best first aid training I have attended since I starting childminding seven years ago, thank you.”

  5. Admin

    Feedback from 21st & 28th April Sessions:

    “A very informative, interesting yet relaxed learning experience. Thank you very much.”

    “Really informative, Marnie ensured everyone was confident in trying out the CPR etc. and created a nice environment for the training to take place.”

    “A very good and informative course. Relevant examples used to explain each part of the course.”

    “The course was delivered very well, I thought it helped very much that Marnie explained how and why things happened which made it easier to understand and learn to help people positively. Thank you.”

    “Well delivered course, thoroughly understood. 100% was given by Marnie.”

    “The best first aid training that I have ever received, I feel that I learned more on this course than any other first aid training I have received over the last twenty years of being a nursery nurse.”

    “Absolutely brilliant training. I have never done first aid before but the training material and the way that it was delivered has made me more aware and confident to administer should I be required to do. Marnie was a great trainer!”

    “This is my 5th first aid course over the years and by far the most informative and useful. I’ve learnt so much over the last 2 days and feel much more confident in my first aid.”

    “Best first aid course that I have been on! The course is very informative and I have definitely learnt new skills and feel more confident about having to perform first aid if required.”

    “Very interesting, lots of information.”

    “Very good delivery of the course, Marnie made the course very interesting and I feel I have learnt much more over the last 2 days than I have before.”

    “Really enjoyable style of teaching- learnt so much! I would definitely train here again, I enjoyed it more than my previous training with a different trainer.”

    “Marnie was brilliant; she explained everything really well and always went back over anything you were unsure of. Marnie was always on hand to assist with any practical you needed support.”

    “Very good learning experience, excellent trainer-friendly but professional.”

    “Even though I have attended about 6 different first aid training over the years, I feel like I have taken more away from this one than previously. Very knowledgeable trainer, she was approachable and easy to listen to and understand.”

  6. Admin

    Feedback from 21st & 25th May Sessions:

    “Excellent training, the best first aid course I have ever attended due to the tutor, Marnie. Fantastic tutor, thank you. Brilliant delivery of the course. I actually enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. ”

    “Excellent course, I learnt so much. Very informative and interesting. Thank you. ”

    “Excellent delivery of first aid training, very informative and Marnie’s first hand experiences make it more realistic. It was a nice venue and facilities. ”

    “Very clear training – hands on and visual. Language was broken down well. Very relevant to all settings of child care in attendance. It was an accessible space with good refreshments and very nice space all around.”

    “Great course, I feel much more confident to administer first aid and deal with emergencies. A really enjoyable 2 days!”

    “Really enjoyable and informative course. Marnie delivered the training in an interesting way. Helpful for remembering the course content. ”

    “Fantastic, well delivered and very interesting.”

    “Very good, good delivery with a mixture of practical and theoretical approaches. I learnt lots and a pleasant and energized trainer.”

    “I found Marnie delivered the course information very well. I feel I understood fully and felt assured and confident to practice first aid.”

  7. Admin

    Feedback from 9th & 16th June Sessions:

    “Good informative training- details given on illesses and first aid treatment was informative.”

    “Brilliant course, fantastic teaching.”

    “Excellent course, I have done 8 first aid courses during my time as a childminder and this course has been the most interesting. I particularly like how Marnie explains the conditions through drawings eg heart attack and diabetes.”

    “Having completed various first aid courses over the years and hated them all I was dreading this. However, it has been fantastic! Thank you for making it interesting, fun and not scary! Very good.”

    “Very informative, very intriguing felt like I learnt a lot and learning new and up to date information. Visual aids were great and helped a lot for me. Marnie is very helpful and was very good at answering all questions.”

    “Very informative with some intriguing stories shared.”

    “Excellent course and a fantastic tutor, she has given valuable information and answered any/all questions effectively.”

    “Really interesting course and the instruction was really good.”

    “This has been a brilliant course, I have learnt more on this first aid than the other 5 I have done in the past. The course leader was excellent and made everything really clear. Thank you.”

    “Absolutely brilliant teacher, will be recommending to all staff members.”

    “Excellent information. Broad discussion with real life experiences.”

    “Delivery was very good and Marnie is super knowledgeable!”

  8. Admin

    Feedback from 21st & 22nd June Sessions:

    “I have found this course the best course I have attended. it has given me confidence and very good knowledge to feel able to make sensible informed decisions to treat anyone in the future.”

    “I loved Marnie Doleman’s style of teaching.”

    “A very informative course, Marnie made it so enjoyable!”

    “Well done a brilliant two days of learning. I would highly recommend.”

    “Marnie was an excellent tutor- she kept everyone’s attention throughout the 2 days.”

    “Marnie delivered the training very professionally- kept everyone’s attention. Very informative and relevant to my setting.”

    “Very informative and enjoyable. Lots of information gained and opportunities to practice.”

    “Marnie was very lovely and extremely knowledgeable. I’ve learnt so much due to how it was delivered and I loved the practicals too.”

    “Having been on many training courses, I was concerned about being bored and uninterested. Marnie kept us focused, educated and entertained all through. She explained everything using simple terminology and made things much clearer.”

    “Really good, kept my attention and really effective.”

    “A very informative, engaging course that enabled me to walk away with the confidence to act in an emergency/first aid situation.”

    “Extremely good course, practical and theory was a great atmosphere, everyone contributed to the lesson. I would highly recommend. A lovely venue too.”

    “Marnie was a very good tutor, she went into every area that we needed with very good knowledge. This was the best first aid course I have been on. “

  9. Admin

    Feedback from 30th June & 7th July Sessions:

    “Amazing course, very informative. Marnie delivered it at an excellent pace and at a level that was easily understood. I would highly recommend her and the course.”

    “Very interesting and well delivered, best one I have been on in a long time, thanks.”

    “Marnie and Charlotte have been fantastic! I feel a lot more confident about first aid and feel a lot better about head bumps. I will definitely be coming onto a parents course.”

    “Absolutely loved this training- best first aid course I have ever done and I have done a lot! Equipment used eg resuscitation dolls really good standard and good hygiene standards eg plastic mouth pieces.”

    “Very informative and knowledgeable. Really enjoyed.”

    “Excellent trainer!”

    “Fantastic course! lots of new knowledge learnt and I will definitely feel more confident in performing first aid in future. Thank you.”

    “Well presented and efficient. Excellent knowledge.”

    “Well worth giving my Saturdays up for! Interesting, informative, thorough, made me feel confident to administer first aid.”

    “Very well presented. Liked to hear of Marnie’s own experiences. Learnt a lot!”

  10. Admin

    Feedback from 12th & 13th July Sessions:

    “Really lovely, relaxed course but very informative and knowledge gained and refreshed too. I really recommend this course and the leader.”

    “Fantastic course. Marnie delivered information efficient and very understanding. Enjoyable training session.”

    “Fab course, very informative, clear explanations and lovely course leader.”

    “Really enjoyable course, all questions were answered and I felt at ease asking questions. Thank you for all the information. I now feel more confident to give first aid if needed.”

    “Absolutely fantastic course. I have been on 2 previous first aid courses. This one is heads and shoulders above any others. Marnie has made it so interesting by explaining the biology behind different conditions and recapped CPR and recovery positions several times to ensure we all left confident to deliver both if ever needed. Thank you. I feel so much more confident.”

    “Very good course! I learned a lot of new information than the last course I have done. The presenters were very lovely and very helpful. Thank you very much for the course!”

    “Really good course, one of the best first aid courses I’ve had. Tutor was really good at explaining everything.”

    “What a great course, Marnie is so enthusiastic and explains everything in such detail giving time for questions if you are unsure. We will definitely recommend this course.”

    “A lot of information was given. Tutor’s professionalism and knowledge led to an amazing course and was overall very helpful.”

    “Marnie was very nice and explained everything well, I really enjoyed the first aid course.”

    “Very engaging, really enjoyed doing the course. It was very informative and Marnie is fab.”

    “Very good- I really enjoyed it. I will definitely recommend the course to others. Lots of information and facts that I have remembered. Well done!”

    “I have been on a number of first aid courses over the years and I can honestly say this was the best. Marnie was so knowledgeable and delivered the course in a way that enabled me to absorb so much information. She made me feel comfortable and never put on the spot.”

    “Excellent course, I learnt a lot! Glad of the follow up by email as quite a lot of information to retain. Marnie is an exceptional trainer!”

    “Amazing course, usually bored to death on courses but Marnie made course very enjoyable and such a great woman.”

  11. Admin

    Feedback from 8th & 15th September Sessions:

    “Really professional, informative and fun. Venue was lovely too. Liked the mixture of practical questions and slides, it helps breakdown lots of information being given.”

    “I gained a lot more helpful and useful knowledge. Thank you.”

    “I learnt a lot and found a lot of information out. Everything was explained very well. Thank you.”
    Fantastic and engaging. Thanks a lot!

    “Great course. Positive, enthusiastic and straight to the point. I feel more confident and have consolidated previous knowledge. Thank you for making a compulsory course enjoyable.”

    “This course was excellent I am walking away feeling knowledgeable and confident and far better equipped to deal with first aid incidents.”

    “The best first aid course I have been on. Would recommend you to anyone and everyone.”

    “Best first aid course I have ever been on.”

    “Thank you very much, I have not just learnt lots and lots but really enjoyed course. Great atmosphere. Best first aid course ever!”

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