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Paediatric First Aid, Level 3 Award


2 days (12 hours) 3 year nationally recognised certificate. This course meets and exceeds the requirements laid down by Ofsted and Early Years Foundation Stage (2017) for people needing a 2 day 12 contact hour first aid course for Adult, infant and child, this group includes childminders and child care providers.

Costs – £75 per person



Paediatric First Aid, Level 3 Award – £75.00



Mon 21st & Tue 22nd Jan 2019


9.00am-3.30pm £75.00 Inspirational Learning & Training Hub, Corner Heath Road/Smarts LAne, Bedworth, CV12 0BN

Sat 2nd & 9th Feb 2019


9.00am-3.30pm £75.00 St. Michael’s Church Centre, Church Lane, Budbrooke, Warwick CV35 8QL

Sat 2nd & 9th March 2019


9.00am-3.30pm £75.00 Knightlow Children’s Partnership, Hill Crescent, Stretton On Dunsmore, Nr Rugby, CV23 9NF

Thurs 28th & Fri 29th March 2019


9.00am-3.30pm £75.00 Inspirational Learning & Training Hub, Corner Heath Road/Smarts LAne, Bedworth, CV12 0BN


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3rd & 7th Dec 2018, 21st & 22nd Jan, 2nd & 9th Feb, 2nd & 9th March, 28th & 29th March


  1. LAtest Course feedback Nov 2018

    I would like to thank you both for this training. In the 12 years that I have been in childcare this is the best first aid course that I have attended. The way the training was delivered has made me come away with more knowledge and confidence. I would always recommend MDD, thank you.

    Marnie and Charlotte were great at presenting the first aid training. They both had excellent knowledge alongside their first had experiences that made the training a great 2 days. I would definitely recommend MDD first aid training in the future for any childcare practitioners/professionals.

    First Aid is a vital skill, this course was very useful not just in the job role but for life skills in general. It was well delivered and made interesting and relevant. Marnie’s role as a paramedic served well to bring a real life and full knowledge to each situation. The course was mixed well with learning, slides, practical refreshers to vary the learning styles. This was one of the best first aid courses I have attended.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first aid course, Marnie is a fabulous tutor, her knowledge is outstanding. She delivered the course at a steady pace and made me feel so relaxed and confident. I have learnt so much during the last few days than I ever have on any other first aid course. Definitely recommend to others thinking about doing first aid. Charlotte and Marnie worked so well together.

    I feel much more confident in my knowledge and ability in first aid. I now feel that I could perform CPR and be able to use the recovery position with confidence.

    A really useful course delivered in an informative and fun way. Thank you.

    The venue would be better with parking. However, the course was really interesting, lovely staff and nice to have frequent breaks to refresh.

    I really enjoyed this first aid course. The information given was in depth and explained clearly. The presentation was clear and it was the best first aid course I have been on in 25 years of doing them.

    Very informative and accessible. Thank you.

    I found this course really enjoyable- 12 hours of first aid was not something I was looking forward to but it was very good. Really funny, yet professional and educational. Thank you

  2. Nov 2018

    It was my first first aid training and all my questions were answered thoroughly. It was interesting and enjoyable. Thank you.

    The best first aid course I have been on. I didn’t feel pressured in front of everyone. I have learnt so much and feel a lot more confident in using these skills.

    I enjoyed myself , thank you.

    One of the best first aid courses I have been on. I learnt so much to use in nursery as well as a parent with a child who is asthmatic and anaphylactic to foods.

    It was a really excellent presentation and the tutor was clear and knowledgeable of all topics that the students need to know. I love your tutoring. Thank you for your time.

    Marnie’s style of training was excellent, I have done first aid training many times but have not enjoyed them like I have this one. The speed and pace of training was just right. I feel I will remember much more of this one.

    This is the third or fourth level 3 paediatric first aid course I have been on and each time it’s been delivered by different training providers. Whilst the syllabus is broadly similar this is the best first aid training! A superb delivery of material back up by real paramedic/ambulance experience. The first time I have felt like I have learned something new. Thank you.

    Very good and thorough first aid training, I feel I have a good understanding of first aid including choking, CPR, diabetes, fractures etc. I felt relaxed and at ease to learn and absorb the information given to me.

    The course was very good, Marnie did really well and made it so it wasn’t boring. Thank you

    I really enjoyed the course, lots of information given in a fun and interesting way. It was easy to follow and easy to remember.

    In all of the years that I have done first aid courses this is the best one I have done!

    Excellent training, delivery was good. Marnie is very knowledgeable and delivers the training in a professional manner. I would definitely recommend this training course to others. I feel I’ve learnt more this time than at any other first aid course.

    This has been the best course I have ever had the pleasure of attending! I found it extremely informative, easy to understand and follow and great fun. I feel much more confident now in case I’m faced with an emergency situation. Marnie is a great speaker and extremely entertaining. 10/10! And thank you!

    Really useful course, I learnt lots of new information. Marnie was fantastic, really knowledgeable and made the course really enjoyable.

    This has been the most informative course of first aid, I learnt a lot. Marnie made the course fun and made you feel at ease. Overall the best first aid course I’ve been on.

    The best first aid course I’ve been on, very informative. The tutor had a wealth of knowledge and the way the course was run put everyone at ease and so learning was a pleasure not a chore.

    Very informative effective delivery of subjects. I would highly recommend the trainer and company to anyone who needed first aid training.

  3. Nov 17th & 24th 2018

    Very informative and interesting, Marnie kept it fun and it was not the usual boring courses. Excellent!

    I learnt so much. Fab course. Marnie is amazing and really explains everything well. I have gone away and told others what I have learnt. Hopefully to help save lives. Well done Marnie, you are great! Thank you.

    Excellent training I was made to feel comfortable and at ease as I was very anxious. Marnie was amazing with excellent knowledge and I feel confident I am able to perform first aid in any situation now. Thank you so much you’re amazing, friendly, helpful and made me feel relaxed.

    Marnie made the course enjoyable. She was very informative and recapped anything anyone wasn’t sure of. I would recommend this trainer/training to anyone seeking first aid training.

    Lovely tutor, not too pushy with acting out first aid. Really good equipment- The doll that lights up, being able to practice with the choking vest, being shown a defibrillator for the first time on a course. Really enjoyed it.

    Straight forward and concise information given in a friendly manner. Painless! Hooray!

    It was very informative and a lot to take away.

    Very useful and informative. everything was explained in depth and professionally. I would definitely recommend to others. Excellent!

    Brilliant, thank you!

    I enjoyed the course and felt comfortable. I preferred this training to previous first aid training I have had elsewhere.

    The course was very informative, I have gained a lot of knowledge and enjoyed the course.

    I found the course very informative and gained a lot of knowledge.

    Training was delivered with professionalism, at a pace that we could all follow.

  4. December 2018

    From someone who has shied away from training for years, I reluctantly enrolled on this course. I am now extremely happy that I have attended and the way this course was delivered has enabled me to learn so much more! Brilliant learning environment. Thank you.

    Very enjoyable course, excellent knowledge from Marnie. Laid back training but full of content.

    Amazing first aid course, very informative, fun and friendly! I have learnt a lot more than expected and I feel more confident. Thank you!

    Tutor is really friendly and very good with giving useful and helpful information. I would definitely recommend.

    Trainer was very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable and friendly.

    The training was really good. Easy to understand. Tutors knowledge was excellent on every subject.

    This course has made me feel very confident about first aid. Marnie was so nice and friendly and I really enjoyed it.

    I will be back !!!!!!! FAB

    I think this is my 8th time doing this training, this is the best by far, the teacher made me want to learn more.

    I have had first aid training for 20 years and this was the best I have attended. Excellent!

    What a great mentor! I never lost interest and learnt so much, thank you!

    Made learning first aid really interesting and enjoyable. Learnt a lot that I wasn’t aware of before, I would highly recommend!

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