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Managing Performance


Performance management is an essential skill if supervisors and managers are to get positive results through people. An understanding of the components which contribute to performance management is vital if goals and targets are to be achieved. Monitoring progress toward those goals and targets is another essential skill to achieve success. This course for supervisors and managers is designed to impart the knowledge and skills to set, manage and ultimately achieve results through professional performance management.

Learning Outcomes:

– Understand the framework within which performance management operates

– The benefits of assessing performance correctly

– Appreciate the positive environment required

– The part motivation plays

– The part goals and objectives play

– Monitoring the progress being made

– Providing direction for a team

– The part behaviour plays in team performance

– Overcoming poor behaviour

– Keeping the communication going and providing feedback.


EYTC-S18-131218 13th December 2018 09.30am-4.30pm  Inspirational Learning Space, corner of Smarts Road/Heath End Road, Bedworth CV12 OBN Graham Vallis £80

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