"Play is the highest form of quality Play is our favourite way of learning It is a happy talent to know how to play."


‘chattermatters’™ training sessions

One half day training available to those who have completed Tier 1 training

‘chattermatters’is a programme developed by our Speech and Language Therapists. It is based on the principles of effective early intervention with specific focus on the strategies which support the development of speech, language and communication from birth. This training enables practitioners to offer language enrichment sessions for babies, toddlers and young children (approx. 0-2yrs) based around singing, storytelling and play. The training programme has been updated and extended and includes a new manual and session plans.

There are 2 choices of training

  • chattermatters™ for babies and toddlers – for practitioners offering sessions to parents and children in children’s centres and to practitioners offering sessions in nursery settings
  • chattermatters™ refresher – to be completed every 3 years by practitioners who offer chattermatters™ sessions

As a result of this training practitioners

  • will understand the principles which underpin chattermatters™
  • know how to run a chattermatters™ language enrichment session
  • know what strategies support early communication development
  • know how to model and share strategies with parents
  • understand how to share stories and songs with babies and young children
  • receive a NEW and updated chattermatters™ training manual for either Children’s Centres or Nurseries

The resources include

  • background and the basics to running chattermatters™ (nursery pack or children’s centre pack)
  • chattermatters™ CD containing all the session songs and a chattermatters™ songbook
  • coordinating strategies poster


Chatter Matters


Training available by request – contact  Elizabeth.roche@swft.nhs.uk   or Deborah.powers@swft.nhs.uk  for further information regarding costs.