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Adventurous Play – Risk and Challenge Training for the EYFS


This essential course illustrates why it is vital for children’s wellbeing that they experience adventurous play and risk and challenge in their early years environments. It engages learners in a series of practical and fun activities that allow a setting to confidently include risky and challenging play to make play more exciting. We are not looking to injure children but to give them a vibrant and stimulating childhood. New the 2017 the course now delves into the fascinating neuroscience of just why children need adventurous play and how catastrophic it can be to over protect children.

This is an often overlooked area of play for the under 5’s but is just as essential for them as it is for the over 5’s. This course is an invaluable tool for any nursery frustrated by having to wrap children up in cotton wool and wanting to make playtime more exciting without risking serious injury or litigation.

Course Aims  To illustrate the genuine need for risk and challenge in under 5’s lives  To provide fun, practical activities to increase opportunities for exciting play  To demonstrate a new risk benefit analysis approach to activities  To raise the confidence of learners about delivering risky play  To provide support based on a wealth of practical experience



17th January


9.30am -12.30pm Inspirational Learning & Training Hub, corner Heath Rd/Smarts Rd, Bedworth CV12 0BN Ben Kingston-Hughes £45

Please note Lunch is not provided.

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21st November 2018


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