"Play is the highest form of quality Play is our favourite way of learning It is a happy talent to know how to play."


Active Maths


Finally a course about this specific area that is practical and fun! This course teaches approaches to practical mathematics for early years which form part of children’s everyday world and using basic neuroscience work “with” the child’s brain to support this. Techniques for achieving developmental milestones through process focused play are combined with a series of fun activities for encouraging children to think about mathematical concepts that directly apply to their play.

Learners will

  • Learn some of the fundamental neuroscience of mathematical problem solving and the adult role in supporting this.
  • Investigate what maths actually is and how this relates to a young child.
  • Explore strategies for overcoming maths phobia – in children AND in adult staff
  • Experience a wide range of practical experiences to help children develop mathematical understanding
  • Have fun



 EYTC-A18-271118  27th November 2018 9.30am – 12.30pm Inspirational Learning & Training Hub, corner Heath Road/Smarts Road, Bedworth. CV12 0BN Ben Kingston-Hughes £40