"Play is the highest form of quality Play is our favourite way of learning It is a happy talent to know how to play."

Learning and Development courses

Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3 Award (VTQ)

Delivered by MDD First Aid our training provider is now offering Emergency First Aid at Work.  


Listening to Young Children & Person Centred Thinking & Planning in Early Years

This professional development event will offer the opportunity to reflect on how we listen and respond to young children and consider how person centred approaches can support this.


Bodies & Brains

School Readiness & Resilience

This course looks at the emotional and physical needs of children transitioning into a school environment, drawing attention to the importance of attachment and relationship as well as the role played by motor skills in children’s learning and development.


Adventurous Play – Risk and Challenge Training for the EYFS

This essential course illustrates why it is vital for children’s wellbeing that they experience adventurous play and risk and challenge in their early years environments. It engages learners in a series of practical and fun activities that allow a setting to confidently include risky and challenging play to make play more exciting. We are not ...


The Creative Brain

High quality social and cultural experiences are more critical in the early years for the development of healthy brains and well-rounded personalities than at any other time during the rest of childhood and adulthood. These critical experiences include imaginative, creative and cultural opportunities which can help children to build contexts, make meaning and deepen their understanding. By ...


In the Moment Planning

Brain development and levels of involvement (how these are linked and how they relate to Early Years practice, particularly free-flow play.) How to create an enabling environment to support the interests of each unique child. Practical ideas for outdoor areas. Using a ‘less is more’ approach to resourcing. A careful look at the observation, assessment, ...


Developing Knowledge and Understanding of the World

This half day course is suitable for anyone wishing to develop and deepen children’s thinking skills, their thoughts and learning through an enquiry based approach to learning. Enquiry based learning draws upon research and practice developed in international contexts that holds aims for children to be active in the process of learning. Participants will explore ...


Good Practice Visits

Bedworth Heath Nursery School provides outstanding early education to children aged from two to five years. Staff have undertaken numerous additional training and qualifications. The Head of Federation is a trained Ofsted Inspector.


Embracing Schemas

Schemas are patterns of repeated behaviour in children. Children often have a very strong drive to repeat actions such as moving things from one place to another, covering things up and putting things into containers, or moving in circles or throwing things.